"The Effingham Cross"

Effingham Cross Picture

The Effingham Cross is said to be the worlds largest cross.

The Effingham Cross cost more than one million dollars and took five years to complete. It is 198 feet tall, weighs 180 tons, and can withstand 145 MPH winds.

Located in Effingham, Ill along Hwys 70 and 57 it has it's own welcome center and makes a great stop for travelers. Inside the welcome center is more information including a video illustrating the construction.

The Effingham Cross dedication was planned so that it would be on the darkest night of mid September and was held on the evening of September 16, 2001 with over 2000 people in attendance. This was only 5 days after the September 11 Terriorist bombings in NY.

The 4 one thousand watt bulbs were switched on shortly after sunset. It is said that the illuminated cross broke the darkness and gloom, and brought with it a sense of joy, relief, and hope.

The "Effingham Cross" is also known as "The World's largest cross," and "The Cross at the Crossroads."

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Effingham Cross