The Pete Mills DOJO
Individual Student
Karate Training Manual

The Pete Mills DOJO
Individual Student of Karate
Training Manual


I'd like to formally welcome you to the Pete Mills school of Karate. The Karate training manual will take you through a lifetime of the most advanced Isshinryu and Jiu - Jitsu training cycles available today. I take great pleasure in helping young men and women develop self-confidence and self-defence abilities as they learn a new sport and practice Christian Values.

We have a lot of positive growth together as we do Kumite (free sparring), weapons, Jiu-Jitsu and self defense. I am pleased to be your friend and I will celebrate your success with you.

Grand master Pete Mills 10th Degree Black Belt

Pete Mills DOJO Training Manual

Product Details:

Clear Vinyl Cover: 175 pages
Product Dimensions: 9 X 11
Publisher: Bushido Press
Copywrite: 2007 by Pete Mills
Language: English
ISBN# 1-59677-056-2
Shipping Weight: 1 Lb - 1 Oz


Price: $15.00


(Back Cover)

Isshinyru Karate Student Training Manual (Back Cover)

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