The Wood in Jesus Cross

The Cross of Jesus

The bible does not tell us about the wood in Jesus' Cross, but there are a few "non scriptural" manuscripts that offer some clues and suggestions. In addition, there are bits and fragments of wood that some claim to have come from Jesus' Cross. It is said to have been four meters in height, with horizontal branch of two meters.

Some skeptics say that if all reported fragments were placed together there would be far too many to have come from only one cross. However, One researcher, "Rohault de Fleury," who did a tremendous amount of research and travel in an attempted to record all these known fragments of the wood in Jesus' cross, determined that if all the known fragments were put together, there would be less than one third the amount needed to build the cross of Jesus.

He later did a microscopic examination of all the fragments he had found scattered through out the world and listed them in His "Mémoire sur les instruments de la Passion." From all his research he determined that the wood in Jesus' cross was made from a pine tree.

Since there are hundreds of pine species there is still the question as to which one was used in making the cross of Jesus. We do know there were only a few that were common in the Holy land at the time of Jesus crucifixion, and that the most common pine species in that area today is the "Pinus Halepensis," known as the "Aleppo Pine," "Apinus Pinea," and more commonly as the "Stone Pine."

The truth is that all the information available today, concerning the wood used in Jesus' cross, has come in bits and pieces, and cannot be considered conclusive, or totally accurate.

What we do know is that the Cross of Jesus has become the Christian symbol and is considered by Christians to be the greatest act of love known to man. Apparently knowing the exact wood used in Jesus's cross, interesting as it may be, was not considered all that important in God's message to us, else it would have been included.

What is important is that God used the price Jesus paid on that cross to implement His Plan of Salvation for all mankind.



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Wood in Jesus Cross