Know When to Dust Your Feet

In this beautifully written book "Know When to Dust Your Feet" Pat Hughes describes how to overcome the rampant evil of the watered down truths we are often given, and how to find the full truth through God's word...

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Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Xulon Press (December 21, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-# 1-60034-695-2
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Know When to Dust Your Feet by Pat Hughes

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Know When to Dust Your Feet by Pat Hughes

Unveiling the Truth of God's Word
A battle rages between manmade doctrine and the inspired Word of God

Longwood, FL - When author pat Hughes experienced a pastor taking his own life because of demonic oppression, her world-and the already foundering church she attended turned upside down. Like many of today's churches, which are ill-equipped to deal with such subjects, hers masked the truth about the Bible and Christian living. Know When to Dust Your Feet #E1 (paperback) 1 60034-695-2; hardcover, 1 60034-696-0) by Hughes will release the truth of God's Word into the lives of people who have been living in deception without even knowing it.

"As a church body we cannot stick our head in the sand and pretend that Satan and demons do not exist" says Hughes. "We have been given all power and authority over them, but in this case this church was not prepared to pray this pastor through it. Most are not, because they are not taught about subjects such as this. We hardly scrape the edge of the supernatural and the power we have, but witchcraft is rampant."

A partial remedy to what Hughes describes as a rampant evil is knowledge of the full truth of the Word-not a partial truth, as we are often given. The subject matter flows against the current of what is taught in today's churches, which is mostly manmade doctrine, and not the inspired word of God. She hopes that readers will learn to discern the difference between the two and apply it to their lives. "The body of Christ has guns but no bullets, and it must change. The deception must be brought to light. We have to be as well equipped as if we were in an all-out war."

Pat Hughes Grew up in the hills of Tennessee. She resides in Knoxville and has two daughters and four grandchildren. She is a real estate broker affiliate and the author of "The Search for True Love."

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Know When to Dust Your Feet
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