"Famous Crosses"

"The Mount Royal Cross"  

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Cross on Mount Royal

This Giant 31.4-meter-highly illuminated cross is located on Mount Royal in Montreal. It was installed in 1924 by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

"The Groom, Texas Cross"

The Groom, Texas Cross

This 19 story tall cross is one of the largest crosses in the world.
It took 250 workers 8 months to complete.

"The Cross of Sacrifice"

"The Cross of Sacrifice"

The Cross of Sacrifice, also known as the War Cross, was designed for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  It is the focal point of
numerous cemeteries honoring the war dead of World War 1. 
On the face of the cross is a bronze sword. 


The St Augustine Cross"

The St Augustine Cross, located in St Augustine, FL is thought to be the tallest cross in America. It is located on the site of the first mission in the USA.

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